Electric ZEN meetings

The erstwhile electricity sub-group meets on the first Tuesday every month at CQUniversity.

Here you can link to minutes of our meetings

And here are the agendas for the monthly meetings:

You can also check out future meetings on our What's On page here.

Please contact us by sending an email to info@repowernoosa.com if you would like to attend.  We use Zoom conferencing software, so you are welcome to join remotely.


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Zero Emissions Noosa speaking points

Electric ZEN's Anne Kennedy wrote these speaking points for the Roadmap Community Consultations.

Zero Emissions Noosa’s goal is zero community emissions in Noosa by 2026

Is an ambitious goal but with your help we can do it

69% of Noosa's community emissions come from electricity consumption

That is why the Zero Emissions Noosa group is having community consultation sessions to:

  • hear about the use plan to use energy efficiency and solar power to reduce emissions (funded by Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation)
  • hear about the cluster of solar businesses being developed
  • get the best & brightest ideas from community members about how to achieve our goal of zero community emissions in Noosa by 2026

Zero emission is:

  • good for the environment reducing greenhouse gases and 
  • good for Noosa’s economy because it means more jobs installing and servicing solar systems and growing business in Noosa
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Clear Expression of Electric ZEN aims

We need to agree on a clear expression of our aims, both for public consumption and for our internal activities. I offer the following as drafts, in three different lengths as required for different purposes.

Single sentence

ZENe works to ensure that by 2026 Noosa as a whole will produce an amount of clean electricity greater than the total amount of electricity it consumes over the course of each year.

Single paragraph

ZENe works to ensure that by 2026 Noosa as a whole will produce an amount of clean electricity greater than the total amount of electricity it consumes over the course of each year. Noosa will achieve this through a combination of reduced electricity waste, improved efficiency, and greatly expanded use of rooftop solar, particularly by business, commercial, and tourism operators. Any additional electricity production required will be met by a solar farm(s) which may be located outside the Noosa LGA.

Backgrounder version

ZENe works to ensure that by 2026 Noosa as a whole will produce an amount of clean electricity greater than the total amount of electricity it consumes over the course of each year.

Noosa will achieve this by adopting and expanding a number of practices, listed here in the approximate order of priority beginning with the easiest, cheapest, and quickest:

  • reduced electricity waste through improved management of air conditioning, lighting, shading and insulation, pool management, and efficient water heating
  • increased efficiency through the use of better lighting, air conditioning, pumping, and water heating technology, along with certain behaviour changes to boost the impact of these changes. (We acknowledge that there is significant overlap between waste reduction and increased efficiency.)
  • on-site energy production, mainly rooftop solar, especially on business premises. A majority of businesses use the bulk of their electricity during daylight hours. There is great scope for business operators to reduce their electricity expense by 80% or more while eliminating most of their demand for grid electricity.
  • a solar farm or farms will make up any shortfall. Such farms may well be located outside of the Noosa LGA, where land is cheaper and sunnier than any site within Noosa. Such farms might be owned by local community associations, by investors, or by the Noosa Council. We take no initial position on which ownership model is best but will be advised by the community.
  • batteries and storage: we do not now aim to prescribe how storage will be used. We know that storage will play a role, but we take the view that individual households and businesses will make their own decisions about storage, and that these will be greatly affected by government policies which are entirely unpredictable.
  • other factors: we acknowledge a number of complicating factors. A small but growing portion of grid electricity is already clean, for example. A growing number of households and businesses will disconnect from the grid entirely; the ultimate effect of these departures is not known. The number of electric vehicles in Noosa by 2026 is hard to predict. There will be other surprise  factors we have not anticipated. Acknowledging all of these uncertainties, we believe that producing more electricity than we consume can only have positive effects.

Contributed by Joe Shlegeris

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Lots happening at Zero Emissions Noosa

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Zero Emissions Noosa.

Our community consultations sessions on our project – Roadmap to 100% renewable electricity in Noosa by 2026 - drew good crowds with 150 people participating.  The mayor, Tony Wellington, opened each of the three public sessions, sending a message that the council as well as the wider community clearly supports our efforts.

Read more about the Roadmap Project here - https://www.repowernoosa.com/roadmap-project

The first Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo was thronged with almost 2,000 visitors who were all over the many electric cars, electric bikes, and electric scooters on display.  The many private vehicle owners were busy talking to visitors all day long, while the commercial operators present enjoyed the heavy attendance and ready-to-buy level of interest.

We were delighted that the Queensland Minister for Transport, Mark Bailey opened the event, joined by our Mayor Tony Wellington and our local state member of parliament Sandy Bolton.  Check out the great press coverage we received on our Facebook pages, and in particular a great slot on WIN News - 

and an excellent video of the event by one of the Tesla exhibitors –

It seems likely that this one event will see lots more people getting around on electric-assist bikes and electric scooters.  All the more reason to press for safe and separate bike infrastructure to help get people out of their cars.

We really appreciate your support.  We have more and more projects all the time, so there are plenty of ways to get involved.

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Roadmap Community Consultations

On behalf of Zero Emissions Noosa, Inc., we'd like to thank all of those that attended one of our Community Consultation sessions.  We were delighted that we had 150 people participate.

We're making great progress on our Roadmap goal of producing more clean electricity as we consume--in total--by 2026.  Your feedback has given more precise shape to exactly how we'll achieve this.

It's all coming together:  ever cheaper solar and wind electricity, small-, medium-, and large-scale storage, and the growing understanding (finally!) that the cleanest energy is also the cheapest energy. 

It takes a whole community to do that, not just the busy bees here at ZEN Inc.  Thank you for being part of that community!

Here is a summary of the information that is available from the community consultations:

We also welcome any additional feedback you may have.  Either use the Comments section at the bottom of any of the webpages above, or you can provide other feedback here.

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Welcome new members

We’re delighted you've joined Zero Emissions Noosa, Inc!  It's great to have you with us.  We had over 30 new members sign up at our recent events!

As you know, our aim is zero emissions for Noosa as a whole by 2026.  We need to bring the whole community along to achieve this. 

We're happy to have your support and participation at whatever level you like.  You can follow what we're up to at our websites



or on our Facebook pages:



We have two main working groups, one focussed on transport and the other on electricity.  We're always happy to have more people helping out, and special technical skills are NOT required, so get in touch if you'd like to join in.  Please email us at

zeroemissionsnoosa@gmail.com for the transport group

info@repowernoosa.com for the electricity working group.  The electricity subgroup, affectionately known as "Electric ZEN",  meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 8:30am.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, event, or expo!

And as a friendly reminder, membership of Zero Emissions Noosa is free until June 30, 2018, and then $20 per year after that.  Membership fee is the same $20 for all membership types - individual, family, business or association.  You can pay your membership fee here.

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