Gull Brothers Cabinet Makers 72.6kW solar system


About this Project

Iconic Noosa Cabinet Makers, Gull Brothers have been designing and constructing prestige cabinetry and furniture since 1985.  Owner Andrew Gull talked with Repower Noosa about how and why he decided to install solar for his business.

In this section we write an engaging story about the Gull Brothers Solar journey.  It should re-inforce the qualities of the cluster members on the home page, and demonstrate an example of a best practice installation process.  It should also touch on barriers that others may face.  Integer non arcu vel dui ultrices vehicula id et libero. Vivamus ut ipsum velit. Vestibulum congue fringilla varius. Nam tempor enim eu gravida eleifend. Etiam nec egestas nisi, ut tincidunt magna. Fusce quam quam, consectetur vitae scelerisque sed, pellentesque sit amet velit. Etiam non risus et elit fringilla pulvinar. Aliquam rhoncus purus at erat gravida varius.

Video will be shown here....

Video will be shown here....

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Gull Brothers Cabinet Makers


Production Avenue, Noosaville





Date Installed

22 June 2017


72.6 kW


Winaico 275 watt panels
4 x 15kW SMA inverters
Clenergy Racking system




None.  Extra panels requested by customer for when battery price is cost effective

Electricity cost before solar

$21,300 per year

Electricity cost after solar

$9,850 per year (projected)

Estimated Payback period

6 years

Return on investment

18% per year


Australian Enviro Projects


Matt Harold