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RePower Noosa Industry Cluster Meeting 15/2/18 – Agenda

1. Welcome and participant introductions - Roman

2. ZE Noosa Roadmap project update - Geoff

Background and progress to date

Opportunities for cluster members to contribute to the research

  • Scenario evaluation 
  • Stakeholder feedback meetings

3. RePower Noosa - Roman

Update on progress since December including The Social Deck involvement

Opportunity for funding from Noosa Shires EDF program

Website development 

  • Domain purchased
  • Draft website developed
  • First case study video (draft) created
  • Commitment required to continue

Membership criteria

  • Adhere to commitments agreed by the Cluster
  • Commit to meeting ZE Noosa Industry Cluster best practice standards as a minimum operating practice
  • Use recommended products (Need to define how products become recommended - International presence, Australian office, warranty backup?)
  • Provide Australian product warranties
  • Provide yield estimate at time of quotation (max and min return based on on-site assessment by CEC accredited designer)
  • Provide Case studies to the cluster for promotional use and publication
  • Offer products and accessories suited for Noosa’s Coastal environment 
  • Commit to timely customer contact with customer if issues arise
  • Act to protect the credibility of this Cluster and ZE Noosa
  • Agree to ZE Noosa Industry cluster service level agreement
  • Provide best value products
  • Support RePower Noosa via levies or charges as agreed to by the majority of the cluster members.

Member commitments

  • Meet monthly 
  • Attend 70 % (?) of meetings over a year
  • Deliver on commitments made and tasks assigned
  • Share the Cluster work load evenly
  • Set and commit to common goals 
  • Respect all team members points of view
  • Support each other 
  • Openly discuss issues and problems
  • Encourage others Local Renewable Businesses to meet membership criteria and join the cluster
  • Be open and transparent in promoting renewable energy in Noosa

Note of Association opportunity coming up - Roman

Other discussion, thoughts and suggestions of things we haven’t covered.