Members Area

Useful info for Electric ZEN peeps.  We can decide which of these should be private, ie password protected.

Meeting minutes & agendas

Include links to meeting invites and minutes

Electric ZEN Meeting 5 June 2018

Agenda - Mailchimp invitation reminder

Mailchimp is currently being used to store all contact lists

  • ZEN members
  • Cluster members
  • Mailing list
  • Organisations & supporters

Contact Lists

How To's for technologies we use

This section includes a guide to how we use the various technologies.  Each of the how to's can be authored as a blog.....

Common actions

create an event


Add a blog article & post to facebook


facebook advertising


updating website content


bulk mailout



Website maintenance and hosting

Squarespace integrates to various degrees with Facebook, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, GSuite & Stripe.


We have the following

  • ZeroEmissionsNoosa page
  • RepowerNoosa page - created but not active
  • RepowerNoosa group - created but not active. This could be used by members of Repower Noosa to have closed group discussions & share information

Don't create events in Facebook - rather create them in Eventbrite and use Eventbrite's ability to create the same event in Facebook, which then links back to the Eventbrite event


Used to create events.  Can get folks to register - it automatically sends out reminders and creates tickets


Bulk mailout

An account for repowernoosa.  We are currently using the zeroemissionsnoosa account in order to utilise the combined contact lists.



We get the email address

I will setup this email address to automatically forward emails to the relevant people based on the subject.  This is mainly when we receive info from forms we create on Squarespace.


We already have a channel created for ZeroEmissionsNoosa

I will create another one for RepowerNoosa

We'll use YouTube to host any video we create


Stripe is tightly integrated with Squarespace.  This means it is extremely simple for us to allow credit card payments.

Examples would be for annual subscriptions, donations, or merchandise when / if we have it

Accounts (Secure)

Info about all the accounts for software we use

Link to a secure area to document these :-)

Where to find information

where to find info on Google Drive....


This section could include information

  • organisations
  • contact people
  • newsletter cut-off dates

Marketing Guide

Statistics & KPI

Research & Ideas