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Preliminary list of activities and outcomes from the Noosa Council Economic Development grant project.

Formalise the solar installers industry cluster

  • Documented set of agreed principles /standards for industry cluster
  • Fomalised membership list
  • Signed MoU between industry members

Conduct a barriers and benefits research and analysis to understand the key motivators for Noosa businesses to install solar

  • 5 in-depth interviews with installers
  • 10 in-depth interviews with landlords
  • 10 in-depth interviews with businesses
  • Final report outlining key barriers and benefits to installing solar for each target group and recommendations / behavioural insights for addressing. 
  • Report distributed to Repower Noosa members + council (and other key stakeholders)

Develop and implement a behaviour change / social marketing strategy to address barriers and benefits

  • Social marketing / behaviour change strategy to address barriers and benefits
  • Implementation action plan including brand positioning, tactics (e.g. social media, media, toolkits, financing options, website content / sales funnel)
  • Action plan will include activities to be rolled out over the coming 12 months
  • Evaluation plan to measure success of RePower Noosa initiative.

Develop a series of case studies of local businesses that have installed solar

  • Written, filmed and photographed case studies of local businesses that have installed solar.
  • Case studies will be available to installers to use in their own marketing.

Build an online platform to connect potential customers with local installers

  • Modern web platform for hosting case studies, generating referrals to installers, educating local businesses, and addressing barriers / benefits.
  • Ongoing management of platform by ZEN.
  • Regular content to be added to platform.

Toolkit for engaging with landlords

  • Toolkit specifically addressing barriers and benefits to installing solar for landlords. This toolkit can be used by Repower Noosa, Installers cluster and Council to persuade landlords of the benefits to installing solar.

Develop a sustainable business model for Repower Noosa so that it can continue to operate into the future

  • Document outlining approach to securing ongoing and sustainable funding for RePower Noosa.